with their unique artistic landscape made of performances, games full of humor and music




Narma & The Walili Beat Brother’s (fr)

photoNARMA (1)
Mesdames et Messieurs,
Veuillez vous rapprocher de la bordure du quai s’il vous plaît ! Et embarquez dans la locomotive NARMA, qui, les wagons remplis de mélodies d’ici et d’ailleurs, se lance à toutes vapeurs, pour faire chauffer les corps et les cœurs. Dans une ambiance d’une gare des vieux jours, préparez-vous à un voyage tout en sueur..


C’est Qui Paulette (fr)

photoc'est qui paulette2
Lorsque les amplis ne vibrent plus, lorsque les lumières s’éteignent et qu’il ne reste qu’une ampoule allumée au-dessus du bar… C’est là que la section acoustique arrive avec son répertoire du monde, ses compositions et ses refrains à chanter à pleins!!

Les Frères Zeugma (fr)

An atypical rock band, composed of 6 musicians, interpreting a collection of about thirty original compositions built around multiple influenceThe recipy of Les Frères Zeugma is: 6 doses of rock n ‘roll, 3 spoons of funk, 100g of swing. Add 5 measures of klezmer, 2 slices of afrobeat and a zest of psychedelism. Heat the whole on stage and serve boiling hot!Born in Paris in 2007 and now counting nearly 200 concerts, Les Frères Zeugma are ready to play everywhere. A rock band without borders, their music could be heard from the Moroccan desert to the biggest Parisian theaters, passing by the roads of France and Europe.The Zeugma Brothers always leave behind an audience conquered by the originality of the show.A concert of Les Frères Zeugma is also circus-burlesque staging.Crazy comedians, giant puppets, fireworks, live projections, freaky creatures parade, nothing stops the Zeugma Brothers!



The Airplane (fr)

Is an “Electronic Alternativ’ Rock” band based in Paris. Influenced by the 90’s Triphop scene and the 60-70’s psychedelic movement the four musicians keep a great place to instrumental parts in their songs that could recalls the Pink Floyd’s years’ atmosphere.

At the crossroads of music cultures, the band lyrics are bearered of a message about hope, change and freedom.

THE AIRPLANE will get you in their spaceship for an out of time trip in between dreams and reality.



Time Shifter (pt)

Sónia Vicente and Raquel Devesa decided to merge their passion for music into a box which travels through time to find you. Some say that when you find it, the time stops to show you, there is still time for you to find yourself. How far a cello, electronic sounds, and voice can find themselves in space-time of the emotions to create this musical atmosphere?


I Have Problemas (sp)

Is an audiovisual project born in New York in 2015. It was born as a game, from the need to boost creativity and to express our thoughts regarding the planned obsolescence, xenophobia and love/hate towards social networks.

CYBERCANDØMBE has emerged from the union of several immigrants suffering between borders and crying in a cybercafe , a subgender with a vaporware retro-futurist perspective, which complements the drum-based rythm known as Candombe I HAVE PR0BLEMAS is a fiction universe constantly linked to reality through social networks and where all our characters have a strong aesthetic component around the language of social networks and computer nostalgia, as in the use of cathode tube monitor heads both in audiovisual and on stage formats. .

We live in two different existencial spheres: the tangible and the virtual reality. Some people act on digital platforms as if following that cyberpunk belief of “you can be whatever you want on the net”. That’s why our way of acting as if we were in a big theater play entertaining users with singular creativity both live and online.

Our live debut was in October 2017 in Sala Caracol, Madrid. The performance has two musicians and a third character on screen that interacts with the rest of characters on stage and with the audience too, mixing specific video editings for each song.

Captain Kyem (fr)

amore decor kyem
Freaky Global Bass  Right on the edge, he limps from reason to derisory, from a strange noble to a bearded barbarous. On the dance floor, we see a dandy clown DJ not against foiling the dangers of mixing a maximum of styles.


Al Jive Mestizo (It)

al jive
Sicilian by birth, Irish by adoption and nomadic by spirit Alberto Ciotta a.k.a. Al-Jive Mestizo has been seen rocking private Irish parties for years but it’s only when he came back from a 7 months long South American trip after quitting his day time corporate job in 2014 that he fully embraced the public dj life style. Since then he’s been gigging at several Irish festivals, clubs and bars and in last 2 years has been driving his converted van through Southern Europe playing his eclectic music selections at events and festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia and Italy also.
His sets initially, mainly, influenced by electroswing and balkan/gypsy music, are now an eclectic mix of global underground electronic sounds ranging from the chilled downtempo ones to the more dancefloor friendly ones, all spiced up with a borderless feeling.
If today in the world there is who wants to build up walls to divide people, there is also who as Al-Jive Mestizo wants to smash them down with his music proposal.


Two games One Boy (sp)
 two games boy

Dadi Etro (it)13403251_1734089393547240_5179574587816300139_o_1

Dadi Etro are a Theater and music group formed in Milano, born of strange and bizarre insipirations. Two aliens belonging to some unknown place but surely far away try to communicate through music, using instruments such as Cavaquinho, Musical saw (Sonorous Blade) Synthesizer, Sampler.

The show was born as a real concert seasoned with theatrical sketches and performances of alien and nonsense gags. The musical genre passes from electronic beats, from dark / new wave to rhythmic trip-hop up to light sounds almost pop and sometimes tropical.


B.O.T (fr)


B.o.T is a dub/hip hop band from Toulouse, France, formed in 2017. After performing hip hop music on stage with La Tuilerie for 10 years, Jean Roch & Swalus Are Back On Track with this new project which is a mix of various styles. It’s modern French dub with touches of ambient,vintage dub, bass music, hip hop from the 90s 2000s, and english drum and bass.



TSP is a street musician with a one man didgeridoo show. He makes party music for exotic and sophisticated people. Fast Tempos and tasty grooves combined combined in acoustic forest atmosphere

la selva


Dj Frendleyks (fr)

dj frendleyks


B2B – Messkla vs Flashball13 (fr)


Since 2014, this original duo has produced a series of Dark Dubstep remixes and blend their styles by offering energetic mixes with sharp selections focused on Bassline / Grime / Uk Garage


more T.B.A


There you can laught and have fun!


Are you ready to take your chance ?
The gipsy show will give you a bunch of lovely games all night long !
All kind of experiences who get’s you strong.
Build your body to win !!



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fête Foraine des Glingués

Approchez mesdames et messieurs !!! Rentrez dans l’univers de la Famille Walili à travers la détonante fête foraine des Glingués. Venez frissoner dans le “Michto Na Michto”, Casser de la voiture au « Car-casse » ou venez vous faire rincer au « rad »! Et osez chevaucher leur machine phare : « Le Grand Zéro » ! Et attention car les Soeurs siamoises et Valdo ne sont jamais très loin!! Des attractions en tout genre pour un public de tout poil qui n’amasse pas mousse.

Collectif Des Gueux

mata les geux

Est la rencontre d’artistes plasticiens, de comédiens, de performeurs et de musiciens qui mêlent leurs savoirs et leurs imaginaires pour créer des événements hybrides, festifs et spectaculaires.

Rêve de chair trouble, peuplé de corps déviants et de morts-vivants qui moquent l’indécence du monde ordinaire et dansent, avec une infinie disgrâce, sur le fil tendu de leur monstruosité.

ce qu’ils ont deja fait : Train fantom, jeux forains, concerts, spectacles, arts graphiques